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Real estate estimation consists of determining the value of a property. Finding the fair price at which it can be sold according to the market at a given time and according to different criteria (area, room, year of construction, neighborhood, orientation etc.)
Each property has an intrinsic value, so it will be important to take all of its characteristics to correctly estimate its price. This will ensure a fair price and give the owner the opportunity to quickly find buyers.

Real estate estimation is also important because it allows you to update the value of a property at the current market price. In summary:
  • Sell at the right price and above all within a reasonable timeframe for the owner-seller
  • Be sure to pay the fair price taking into account the condition of the property for a future buyer
A well-done real estate estimation involves professional work, travel costs and above all time.
At RealHouse this service by one of our agents is completely free and without any conditions.
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  • Property estimation before selling
  • Property estimation before buying
  • Property estimation before renting
  • Property estimation for the declaration of inheritance
  • Property estimation just for updating the price